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Université Montpellier 2 (2013)

Urban and Peri-urban Milk Producers of Cairo City : an Efficiency Focus

DABURON Annabelle

Titre : Urban and Peri-urban Milk Producers of Cairo City : an Efficiency Focus

Auteur : DABURON Annabelle

Université de soutenance : Université Montpellier 2


Food supply for the increasing world population within a limited resources planet is one of the main modern challenges. In order to succeed, agricultural systems efficiency needs to be improved. As corollary, resilience of those systems will contribute to insure a sustainable development. Egypt combines a high demographic pressure with limited resources availability and is highly dependent of international market variations. Thus, even if the country as a millennial tradition of milk production, it is not able to respond to his increasing milk demand. Cairo city with 16 million inhabitants shelters traditional dairy producers in the urban and peri-urban area, primarily focused on buffalo milk production, which contributes, for a large part, to the milk supply of the city, but remain an informal sector. 73 dairy producers were interviewed from Cairo urban and peri-urban areas, and distinguish 4 main types of farming systems each with they own strengths and weaknesses. Within those groups, the intensive feeding strategy appears to be less efficient, in terms of valorization of the feed and feed costs, and decrease in the same time the resilience ability of the farms adopting this practice. At the opposite, the integration of cropping and animal production appears to be a good way to increase the ability of those producers to resist to external variations even if their technical practices with a massive use of fertilizers have a very low nitrogenous efficiency. But those consideration needs to be seen at the light of the very high land pressure in Cairo that threats directly those mixed producers and especially the tenant of land who appears highly vulnerable. Those farmers are able to develop innovative techniques since several centuries to survive in an extreme environment like Cairo, the modern context endanger considerably their activity ; building strong independent organizations appear to be the first step among others to help those farmers to enhance their position in the heart of the city in the future

Mots clés : Efficiency, Resilience, Farming System, Dairy production, Cairo

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