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Enhancing the Resilience of the Agricultural Ecosystems (Chad)


Titre : Enhancing the Resilience of the Agricultural Ecosystems (Chad)

Pays : Chad

GEF Project ID : 5376

Focal Area : Climate Change

Approuvé le : 2013-09-18

Organisme d’exécution : Lead Agency : Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Partner ministries : Ministry of Environment and Fisheries Borrower Representative : Ministry for economy, planning and international cooperation.

GEF Agency : IFAD

Strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers and improve food security The current proposal supports the implementation of adaptation priorities related to agricultural production systems, as identified by the Government in its climate-related national policies and plans : the Poverty Strategy Reduction Programme - Strategic Development Plan 2013-2015. The Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC (2001) already recognized the need to develop adaptation measures in order to address the threats represented by climate change impacts on agricultural sector, which represents the main activity for 70% of the population. In particular, cereal yield gaps due to scarce access to production inputs, recurrent drought was identified as a major risk for the country food security.

Additionally, the vision of the Chad National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) is to introduce a capacity for optimal adaptation by communities in the face of the damaging impact of climate variation and change by identifying the urgent and immediate need for adaptation and the response options, and by developing strategies to strengthen the capabilities of stakeholders and local communities. More specifically, the NAPA identifies seven main options in the area of strengthening the capacity of rural operators and producers exposed to climate change by supporting production and diversification ; rational management of natural resources under threat ; protection and securing of infrastructures and structural equipment at risk ; and early warning of climate catastrophes. The adaptation priorities identified in the project profiles contained in the NAPA served as basis to develop the present proposal.

Informations financières
GEF Grant : 7,305,940 USD
Cofinancing Total : 20,200,000 USD
Project Cost : 27,505,900USD

GEF (Global Environment Facility)

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