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Support to Youth and Gender umbrella associations in Somaliland


Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development. Support to Youth and Gender local NOGs with training and practical application of the Project Cycle Management

Pays : Somalie

Durée : Starting date : 1st January 2010 Durée : 30 mois


The project aims at promoting an inclusive and empowered society in Somaliland by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of members of two umbrella associations, SONYO (Youth) and NAGAAD (Gender), with their about one hundred membership-based coalitions, regional representatives, delegates, women, youth, health and human rights associations. The proposed action provides basic social services to vulnerable groups by enhancing the dialogue between umbrella associations and public institutions, improving the relation with the international community and increasing information sharing with other NSA (Non-State Actors). Moreover, the action aims at achieving these goals with regards to the compliance to financial management and auditing best international practices, providing a wide range of training packages and related management tools up to legal assistance answering to needs cross cutting different LNGOs sectors of intervention.

Beneficiaries : 20 member organisations of SONYO and NAGAAD umbrellas. The final beneficiaries are represented by a great portion of the entire population of the area of intervention covered by the two umbrella associations (at least 1,000,000 people) and especially the vulnerable groups, which will benefit from the ultimate improved access to basic services as result of the improvement of NSA’s efficiency/effectiveness,

Partenaires : SONYO (S/Land National Youth Umbrella Organization) ; NAGAAD (Women Umbrella Organization) ; CCNR-ISGI (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto Studi Giuridici Internazionali) sezione di Napoli ; FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations) ;

Donneurs : European Commission

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