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Bolstering Resilient Recovery (Niger)


PROJECT TITLE : Bolstering Resilient Recovery (Niger)

Pays : Niger

Localisation  : Tahoua

PROJECT PERIOD  : March 2013 – March 2014

Contexte  : Key project approaches included : • Cash-for-Work • Soil & Water Conservation • Emergency Seed Provision • Training for Improved Agricultural Outcomes

* Cash-for-Work (CFW) activities are designed to restore community assets and promote natural resource conservation and protection, contributing to improved food security, households’ ability to afford essential items and enhancing long-term protection of land assets.
* The project provided certified millet seed (recognized for early maturation, Striga resistance and high expected yields). This seed distribution promotes sustained benefits to farming households.
* Certified millet seed rations were completed by 5kg/household of certified cowpea seed- enough to grow up to 800 kg of cowpeas on 1 hectare of land – and low-cost cowpeas sacks to enhance household-level storage. An excellent companion crop, cowpeas help capture soil nitrogen to improve soil fertility
* Leveraging recent FAO investments in animal restocking in the Tahoua region, trained livestock outreach volunteers spearhead technical support to their local communities to promote optimal care of animal assets for improved livelihoods outcomes.

Partners : USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), Lutheran World Relief ( LWR) and Union Hadin Kai

FUNDING : $491,410

Lutheran World Relief

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