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Improved Legume Production in Guéchémé Commune, Doutchi Department (Niger)


PROJECT TITLE : Improved Legume Production in Guéchémé Commune, Doutchi Department (Niger)

Pays : Niger


Cereals are the staple food in Guéchémé Commune and legumes such as cowpeas and groundnuts are grown as cash crops. Local investment in these cash crops provides an important source of income as well as nitrogen, which contributes to soil fertility and enhances plant growth. The seeds of legumes are aso an important source of protien and their leaves of food for local livestock. Smallholder farmers in Guéchémé Commune struggle, however, in profitably marketing their crops. This is due to low productivity associated with poor access to quality inputs and lack of knowledge of farming techniques adapted to current climate challenges and soils ; low profit margins during the harvest and the obligation of farmers to sell during this period in order to meet their immediate needs ; as well as weak farmers organizations that are unable to effectively mobilize around and defend their business interests

The goal of this project is to contribute to increased levels of productivity and marketing of cowpeas and groundnuts in order to empower 2,453 famer members of Fara’a Union to more fully profit from legume cultivation through increased income and sustainable improvements to their living conditions.

Objective #1 : Increase cowpea and groundnut yields by 50% through training farmers in simple techniques for protection and management of soil fertility as well as by ensuring access to agricultural financing and quality inputs.
Objective #2 : To market at least 150 tons of cowpeas in the first year of the project and 250 tons from the second year onward and at least 20 tons of groundnuts at a price 35% higher than at harvest as a result of equipment and facilities for post-harvest handling and collective marketing
Objective #3 : To strengthen the organizational, administrative and financial capacity of Fara’a Union to enable it to provide assistance to its members and reduce the cost of production of cowpeas and groundnuts by 50% per hectare through collective action.

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