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Building a Reliable Investment Climate in Kenya (BRICK)


Department for International Development UKAID

Titre : Building a Reliable Investment Climate in Kenya (BRICK)

Pays : Kenya

N ° : GB-1-203348

Organismes de mise en œuvre : World Bank Group (WB)

Durée : Start19 Mar 2013 ; End31 Mar 2017

The UK Government will provide £12.5 million to contribute to poverty reduction by improving the environment for businesses and economic development in Kenya.

BRICK will fund the delivery of three outputs, namely :
(i) Improved business environment through reduction in burdensome red tape that prevents Kenyan businesses from rapidly industrialising and growing to their full potential (29%)
(ii) Effective competition among and between firms in markets that are essential for the growth of the agribusiness sector and increased opportunities for the poor (22%)
(iii) Supportive environment for the private sector to participate in provision of infrastructure, such as energy and transport, which are needed for employment and growth (26%).

Résumé du projet
To transform the business environment by lowering regulatory burdens for businesses and private sector in Kenya, and creating a competitive economy with improved infrastructure in order to contribute to increasing incomes and job opportunities for the poor

Project budget : £12,546,100

Annonce : UKAID

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