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Adopt-a-tree project in Faizabad district of Badakhshan (Afghanistan)


Titre : Adopt-a-tree project in Faizabad district of Badakhshan (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan

N° projet  : AFG/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/14/17 (May 06, 2014)

Durée : Start Date : 6/2014 ; End Date : 6/2016

Résumé du projet
The project focuses on increased participation and awareness of school students, teachers and community people for conservation of environment. The activity encompasses training school students, engaging them in planting plants, shrubs and trees in their school compound. The process of managing the saplings and planting trees and monitoring them over time by students will creat a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. The training provided to them shall be reflected in their activities of planting and nurturing the saplings. In the long run, in addition to afforestation, the students shall emerge as champions of their natural environment.
This project will be implemented in Faizabad District of Badakhshan province and will be extended to other districts of the province after the first round of successful implementation.

Grant Amount : US$ 33,800.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 24,120.00

Bénéficiaires  : Badakhshan Civil Society Association

Présentation (SGP)

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