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Shihezi University (2010)

Development Model Research of Modern Oasis Agriculture

Wei Feng Qin

Titre : Development Model Research of Modern Oasis Agriculture

Auteur : Wei Feng Qin

Grade : Master’s Theses 2010

Université : Shihezi University

The oasis agriculture has the advantage to build high grade, high output, high efficiency agriculture, since light, hot, and water have peculiar combination in the oasis which had formed a characteristic of oasis agriculture. However, the oasis is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, the rainwater is rare, the climate is dry, vegetation coverage rates are low, ’three melt’ of land phenomenon is very grave. With the increase of population, socio-economic development, the oasis ecological crisis and sustainable development issues are very prominent. Therefore, how to develop the oasis agriculture and which patterns of oasis agriculture to choose is important.The paper use the combination of theory study and empirical analysis, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, and field research, as the basis of the theory of sustainable development, ecological economic theory and other theories. This paper think oasis agriculture must develop to be modern oasis agriculture, as the basis of analyzing traditional oasis agriculture, conventional oasis agriculture and combining characteristics of the oasis ecological environment. The oasis agriculture is based on agro-ecological agriculture, ecological agriculture is based on irrigation. Therefore an infrastructural chain to construct modern oasis agriculture:irrigation modernization- ecological agriculture- agricultural modernization. Therefore, many development models of modern oasis agriculture should have a basic model which is water- saving oasis ecological agriculture. Based on water-oasis ecological agriculture, different organizational forms of business and technical paths can be chosen. Water-saving oasis ecological agriculture is to improve material recycling of agricultural systems and energy conversion efficiency and achieve sustainable development of agriculture, through depending on modern agricultural technology and scientific management methods and adopting comprehensive water-saving measures (also saved fertilizer).Evaluation index system of water-saving oasis ecological agriculture was constructed which is in the analysis of water-saving oasis ecological agriculture and the main task, through AHP to determine its weights.How is to develop modern agriculture in the Shihezi Reclamation in empirical analysis. Modern agricultural development in Shihezi Reclamation is to take’triple ring’ recursive development, by the research and development in core area, application in demonstrated area, replica in radiated area. Water-saving technology is main line, ’government guidance, business operations, intervening agency participation, peasants and workers benefit’ are guiding ideology. Using evaluation index system of water-saving oasis ecological agriculture to analysis and evaluate modern agriculture development model in Shihezi Reclamation. Analysis and evaluation found that water-saving oasis ecological agriculture had rapid development in Shihezi Reclamation, water-saving oasis ecological agriculture in Shihezi Reclamation is in the preparatory stage in 2004-2005, in the initial implementation phase in 2006-2007, in the basic implementation phase in 2008.Then the paper analyzes what problems and how to resolve in development of water-saving oasis ecological agriculture in Shihezi ReclamationFinally, basic countermeasures are promoted to develop modern oasis agriculture.

Mots clés : Ecological Agriculture Water-saving oasis ecological agriculture Modern agriculture AHP

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