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Jilin University (2007)

The Dynamic Monitoring and Assessment of Land Desertification in Naiman Banner Based on RS and GIS

王小宇; Wang Xiao Yu

Titre : The Dynamic Monitoring and Assessment of Land Desertification in Naiman Banner Based on RS and GIS

Auteur : 王小宇; Wang Xiao Yu

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Jilin University

Our country is one of the most serious desertification countries in the world,at present the total desertification area of the whole country is 1607 thousand km2,of which 16.7% is the whole country land area.Our north farm pasture intersect district is the most serious desertification district,of which 45% is the total desertification area of our country.Naiman Banner,which is seated in the east Zhelimu Alliance of Inner Mongolia,in the south of Keerqin sand-land which is in the east farm pasture intersect district,is a more serious area in Keerqin sand-land.The desertification problem of this area not only influences the economic development of farming and grazing and the local people’s live,but also refers to the ecological environment quality of the whole Keerqin district.Therefore, the study on the dynamic change process and formation mechanism of desertification which can administer here effectively,regulate and utilize land resources rationally,enhance the sustainable development of land resources,improve the economic development and social progress has more significant meaning.This research ,which bases on the RS images in 1988 and 2000 ,and uses the MSS in 1975 as the background compared data to interpret the image and overlap the interpretion, analysizes the development of land desertification during about 20 years in Naiman banner based on RS and GIS. At the same time,field check and geology survey are the important ways to confirm the interpretation results and rectify it,which makes the results more scientifical and accurate.The paper also makes full use of the Markov chain model to predict the development of the different desertification model land in the future. It is shown by studies that :(1) The total desertification area is 450584hm2 in 2000,in this period of desertification,the slight desertification type accounts for 43.97%,moderate and extremely severe desertification type are very near,but the total is less than slight desertification,the severe desertification type accounts for 15.11%,which is less different than extremely severe and severe desertification type.The spatial distribution characteristic is:extremely severe and severe type join together and arrange south and north ;the slight desertification is superior than others,which is lager in the north of mengjiaduan Reservoir. As well as the central region of Zhanggu platform and guribanhua sapanwood also has slight desertification land to scatter, The degree assumes a schistose , concatenating is less. But, that moderate degree desertification land is mainly in the east of central section, the Nailin sapanwood, Dong Ming county and guribanhua sapanwood.(2) Nai Man Banner desertification land area eases off unceasingly,and the degree weakens,extremely severe、severe、moderate desertification area have different reduction. Slight desertification land area assumes the trend increasing by within a certain period.The Space analysis of the different desertification land change indicates,the characteristic of this area is obvious degrading is the main body of the degrading type,slight upgrading is the main body of the upgrading type because the development of the degrading is more than the uprading,but the quantity of the extremely upgrading desertification land is less than slightly upgrading desertification land.The main form of the degrading is extremely severe、severe to moderate and moderate to slight desertification. Especially mentioned, though serious desertification land changes a series of frustrations,it mainly depends on the activity of the local herdsmen、policy making and fund throwing.From the main form of the desertification changes we can conclude,people focus on the control of the serious desertification.Because the number of the desertification is so large,there has long way to control the slight desertification.(3)It is reliable to predict the development of the desertification by Markov’s model.The results indicate,in the coming 20 years,the area of extremely severe、severe、moderate desertification will decrease,the area of slight desertification will increase ,when it comes to about 2020,the total area proportion of desertification will decrease to 50.78%.That shows the desertification of this district will be improved by human beings’positive activities.Provided that the government and herdsmen continue to control and defend desertification under no serious changes of the local climate,the desertification defendence project will get more progress.(4)It can be concluded according to the lots of climate and social economic data,the cause of the serious desertification in Naiman Banner is for man to utilize the land resources unduly.It can be seen that the increase of the population makes the land cultivated,livestocks increasing has enhanced the grassland burden.Because of the change of the government and local herdmen’idea,the fund has been thrown into,the desertification problem has been relieved.We should take the strategy of return grazing land to grassland as core in the field of prevention and cure tactics.We should draw up and perfect regulations actively,and improve the living ability and environment protection sense of local herdmen,and encourage people to take part in desertification defendence and management,so that it is possible for us to control desertification successfully in future

Mots clés : desertification; Naiman Banner; remote sensing; dynamic monitoring; driving force;

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