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PNUE Programme

Success Stories in Land Degradation/ Desertification Control

juin 2006

-  Success Stories in Land Degradation/ Desertification Control

  • For more than 20 years, UNEP has been actively involved in worldwide efforts to combat dryland degradation. Although desertification still remains a major environmental problem, impeding dryland development, there are also many projects and community-based initiatives which have successfully addressed these problems.
    These successes need to be better publicized to show that land degradation/ desertification can be controlled, and positive experiences can be replicated.
    The main criteria for a success story requires that activities directly and substantially contribute to the prevention of dryland degradation or to the reclamation of degraded land, using appropriate resources in a cost-effective manner.
    A success story addresses not only the biophysical but also the socio-cultural-economic issues in all its developmental stages, thus ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • The programme, seeks above all, to raise global awareness that land degradation in the drylands can be both prevented and corrected. It will also build community responsibility for the local environment and confidence in local abilities to solve land management problems. It is hoped that the recognition of success conveyed through the "Saving the Drylands" award will spur local communities to further action and encourage the replication of promising approaches.
  • More elaborate and descriptive brochures are currently under preparation and will be available to anyone interested in the methodological and practical approaches and of course those dedicated to address the problems of sustainable dryland management

- Presentation

    • The Background
    • The Criteria used in Evaluating Success Stories Plus Submitting Success Stories to UNEP
    • Mossi Plateau in Burkina Faso
    • Agro-ecological Project Burkina Faso
    • Project in SãoJoão Baptista Valley, Cape Verde
    • Agropastoral Development in Mauritania
    • Sonnleiten Ranch Project,Namibia
    • Project in Kano and Jigawa States, Nigeria
    • Restoration in the Louga Region of Northern Senegal
    • Mr. Serigne Samb’s Farm,Thiambène Till, Senegal
    • SOS Sahel Community ForestryProject in Ed Debba, Sudan
    • Project on Desertification Control in Naiman Banner County in China
    • Controlling Drifting Sand in Cele County -Western China
    • Afforestation and Salinity Control Using Tamarix ; in Western China
    • The Integrated Watershed Development Programme, Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh, India Jhanwar Watershed Project, India
    • Joint Participatory Forest Management ; Shiwalik Hills Haryana Province, India
    • The Barefoot College Project,Tilonia,Rajasthan,India
    • Desert Reclamation Using Shelterbelts in Thal, Pakistan

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