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Beijing Forestry University (2009)

Cutting Research for Desert Shrub Regenerating Harvesting with Circular Saw

Wang Fei

Titre : Cutting Research for Desert Shrub Regenerating Harvesting with Circular Saw

Auteur : Wang Fei

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Beijing Forestry University

In this study, in order to make better use of the resources of desert shrubs , the development of efficient shrubs stubble harvesting equipment for the purpose of a preliminary study on the circular saw blade the desert shrubs sawing performance . First application of Beijing Forestry University Institute bear the national \Shrubs circular saw blades cutting splitting and burning phenomenon were studied . The study found that the linear velocity of 46.3 to 51.1 m / s speed range with a 305mm diameter of carbide saw bush sawing operation , the cleavage rate of up to 5.26% , no scorch phenomenon , cutting of minority split The cracking phenomenon germination had no significant effect on the following year . The present study was designed motor can achieve different feed rate , saw blade, cutting speed cutting of shrubs specimen , and can be the bush cutting cutting speed , feed speed and torque were measured analog shrubs stubble cutting experimental device . Analog cutting Experimental research found that different blade type of feedrate shrubs specimen sawing, having different critical cutting speed can be selected reference as stubble device speed . Teeth Saw quantity , small serrated thickness , serrated front bevel relatively smooth in the vicinity of 20 ° blade cutting , cut off the critical speed . Power measuring experimental data show that : with a saw blade , the front bevel blade , power consumption is significantly smaller ; teeth 120 of the blade in the cutting power is significantly higher 3000rpm and over the high-speed case , the reason may be the high speed increase the lead to friction between the saw blade and shrubs . Other number of teeth of the saw blade cutting power remained at a certain level fluctuations . The cutting burr mainly blade sharpness . Burning phenomenon by sawtooth wear , serrated surface adhesion of impurities, and a higher line speed , a small quantity of saws , shrubs large diameter causes , can be used to increase the sawing quantity, reduce blade speed to avoid . Choice of saw blade and speed , should be based on the principle of cutting smooth , low power consumption , to avoid splitting and charred

Mots clés : Desert shrubs Circular saw blades Cutting performance Analog sawing

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