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Invasive Species Control on Socotra Island, Yemen


Titre : Invasive Species Control on Socotra Island, Yemen

Pays : Yémen

N° projet  : YEM/GEF/SGP/OP4/CORE/Y1/08/06

Durée : Start Date : 8/2008 End Date : 8/2009

Résumé du projet
Socotra Island rich biodiversity in fauna and flora has capture word attention for its conservation. There is high rate of endemism in its plants and animals. Socotra plant and Animal biodiversity are prone to the impact of invasive species e.g. the Indian House Crow that reach Socotra in 1996 and increased to reach 28 birds within two years. The continuous eradication over the past 10 years results in the reduction of its number to about 12 individual. It’s hoped that doing an effective eradication method would result in 100% eradication of this invasive species. Since opening the island and wide spread exportation of rice for Human food and Grains for animal feed the spread of invasive plant species is expanding over time. There are many invasive plant species with being most common (8 species and many others less common at this stage. Local community awareness and information about the nature of this species are very important tool for reducing the spread and control of plant invasive species. Producing a guide and involving all sectors of the communities around Socotra will ensure their participation in the control process over years to come. The aim of the project is to seek help from professional organization specialized in invasive control to come with reliable technology to eradicate the Indian house crow from Socotra in one hand. On the other hand bring local community awareness to the impact of plant invasive species and means to identify them and uproot them to reduce their speedy spread in all regions on Socotra

Grant Amount : US$ 13,510.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 9,800.00

Bénéficiaire  : Invasive Species Control Group


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