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Using solar energy for water supply in six villages in Nojid plain, Socotra, Yemen


Titre : Using solar energy for water supply in six villages in Nojid plain, Socotra, Yemen

Pays : Yémen

N° projet  : YEM/OP3/2/06/06

Durée : Start Date : 10/2006 End Date : 3/2008

The six villages (Bedhola, Stero, Mahatta, Mharef, Arshani and Amahk Beach camp site) located in the Nojid plain close to Sea shore. Fresh water is not available at villages sites due to their proximity to the sea. There live 1801 inhabitants of fishermen. Women spend lot of time fetching water or lot of money bringing water bay tankers to the villages. Wadi Ereh, located (N 12.38764 E 53.59652) with distance range from 7-12 km from the villages with permanent fresh water renewable sources.

Résumé du projet
The Project aimed at assisting the local NGO (Al-Mostakbal Fishing Cooperative Society (MFCS) to acquire fresh water supply to six villages : Bedhola, Stero, Mahatta, Mahref, Arshani and Amhak beach camp site from Wadi Ereh located (7, 12, 7, 9, 10 and 7 km respectively. The water point in the wadi is 40m higher than some of the villages but also at the same elevation of stero and one mahatta. Therefore, water elevation is required of at least 20 m in order to allow water flow by gravity to these villages. Installation of solar pumping system at the water point is not possible due to its existence in a narrow canyon that will not allow full sun shine exposure and threat of flood and falling rocks from the sides cliffs. Therefore, water need to be withdrawn to the wadi mouth 1.3 km long and only 6 meters height difference. At the latter point villages with possible flow by gravity will access water directly and those with similar elevation will receive water from the elevated water by solar pumping system. The project will initiate a revolving fund based on beneficiaries’ subscription in order for project sustainability. Community awareness raising and capacity building workshops and training will take place during project implementation

Grant Amount : US$ 45,824.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 32,047.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 30,286.00

Bénéficiaire  : Al-Mustakbal Cooperative Fishing Socieety


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