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LEWS. Livestock Early Warning System

LEWS. Livestock Early Warning System

- LEWS is an early warning system for monitoring nutrition and livestock health for food security of humans in east Africa. LEWS is a sub-project within the Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program (GL-CRSP), being implemented by Texas A&M University and funded by USAID.

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  • A series of 394 monitoring sites are located across 12 monitoring zones in 6 countries in East Africa to provide point-based assessment of forage conditions simulated by the PHGYROW modeling system linked with the NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s RFE data server ( ).
  • Total available forage for cattle, sheep and goats is computed for each location based on NAR scientist assignment of modal plant communities dominating each location. Estimated standing crop (kg/ha), per deviation from a 30-yr simulated benchmark average standing crops and percentile ranking of 30-year simulates of available forage for each livestock species.
  • To view the status of each monitoring site in the region, first select one of the countries on the left-hand navigation bar (or by just clicking on the map on the main page) and work your way to desired household.

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