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African Drought Risk and Development Network (PNUD-ISDR)

- African Drought Risk and Development Network The site addresses planners, journalists, students and other interested parties in drought / drylands issues. It will show users how the impact of recurring droughts in Africa can be reduced with proper planning.

- The expert workshop on "Drought Risk and Development Policy in Africa" was held in Nairobi from 31 st January to 2 nd February 2005. The main objectives of the workshop were to :

  • Identify factors which might impede a shift from a reactive to a more proactive way of dealing with drought-related issues,
  • Identify policy mechanisms which may have the greatest impact on the vulnerability and resilience of drylands systems,
  • Formulate strategies to shift donor and government thinking to a more proactive approach,
  • Assist conceptually in the development of a major UNDP driven programme on drought related food insecurity in Africa,
  • Institutionalize networking related to initiatives in Africa such as the UNESCO proposal to establish a regional drought centre.

- The workshop called for the establishment of an African Drought Risk and Development Network to stimulate and support strategies and initiatives to address drought risk in Africa.

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