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Syrian NGO Development Programme (SNDP)


Titre : Syrian NGO Development Programme (SNDP)

Pays : Syrie

N° projet  : SYR/SGP/OP5/Y1/CORE/CD/12/03

Durée : Start Date : 9/2012 End Date : 10/2013

Résumé du projet
The last five years proved that there is a limited impact in the role of the Syrian NGOs & CBOs due to different reasons i.e : lack of resources, disorganisation and lack of planning, inharmoniousness of competences and the weak support of the business sector.The new vision acknowledged for Syrian NGOs & CBOs is to include the concept of new partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors in order to face some of Syria’s most serious socio-economic problems including illiteracy/poor skills, poverty and environmental degradation. The new law of Syrian NGOs issued recently will provide a legal framework for the work of NGOs. The Syrian Enterprise & Business Centre (SEBC), has more than 15 years of experience in co-working with European and international agencies and bodies, which provided SEBC with great experience and knowledge in implementing different types of projects enabling SEBC to reach higher EU standards. Being an NGO,SEBC is planning to work closely with Syrian NGOs & CBOs to share its experience and develop them by organising an advanced training programme, aiming to enhance the capacities of local NSAs, related to the management of organisations and administrative responsibilities (i.e. management of human resources, fundraising, accounting, etc.).

Grant Amount : US$ 49,850.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 9,490.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 32,350.00

Bénéficiaire  : Syrian Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC)

GEF Small Grants Programme

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