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Floods in an Arid Continent


Titre : Floods in an Arid Continent

Advances in Ecological Research, Volume 39

Aldo Poiani (Serial Volume Editor)
Publisher : Elsevier
Publication Date : 12 January 2007
Pages : 208

Features & Benefits
Offers detailed trends of effects on global climatic change
Provides an understanding of past and future floods in Australia
Discusses disturbances on landscape
Includes effects on aquatic birds, infectious diseases, and economy

Nowhere are floods more paradoxical than in the generally arid Australian continent. This book brings together experts in meteorology, hydrology, limnology, ornithology, landscape ecology, veterinary and medical sciences, economics, anthropology and sociology to synthesize current knowledge on floods, their occurrence, and their consequences for the environment and societies in the Australian context. Floods can have either beneficial or detrimental effects on the landscape and human societies. This book fills this important gap in our study and offers a multidisciplinary approach in understanding the effects of global climate change. The editors provide complete coverage on dynamics, patterns and consequences of floods, studied from several perspectives. Although the geographic focus of the book is Australia, the synthesis that is detailed in this book will undoubtedly be useful for the understanding of floods in all other regions of the planet.

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