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Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (2010)

The Research on Design of Agricultural Sightseeing Garden for Northwest Dryland Areas

Shi Li Hua

Titre : The Research on Design of Agricultural Sightseeing Garden for Northwest Dryland Areas

Auteur : Shi Li Hua

Grade : Master’s Theses 2010

Université : Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

The tourism agriculture is an agricultural and tourism combined cross-cutting industry . In agriculture as the basis , combined with modern tourism product . Agricultural sightseeing garden planning and design study has significant meaning to maintaining social stability , improving the people’s living standards , and to enrich the spiritual life of the masses , as well as to speed up the building of a new socialist countryside . This paper describes the origin and classification of tourism , then explain the difference between a sightseeing agriculture and traditional tourism , pointed out that the you teach traditional tourism , the tourism agriculture has special advantage . Next elaboration and summarizes the origin of agriculture and tourism , the development and classification , and the significance of the development of tourism agriculture in today’s society . Through field research, summed up the good agricultural sightseeing garden design examples , including the eastern region and the western region , analysis of its successes and the problems , and I hope to be able to get a draw after sightseeing agricultural gardens project design . Thesis focused survey research the northwest dry farming area agriculture and tourism development of the park , is a summary of today ’s Northwest Sightseeing Agricultural Park , through the analysis of existing problems , combined with the experience provided by the excellent case , summed up a suitable Northwest drought for agricultural area Road tourist Park development in agriculture viable . Finally, the person involved in the case design and make their own conclusions maximize manifestation . Innovation of this paper : ( 1 ) analysis of the differences and connections of sightseeing agriculture and tourism ; (2) a systematic exposition of the Northwest Territories sightseeing agricultural development situation , and proposed a series of solutions to the problem ; (3) own study of the theory used and embodied in the design of the actual project .

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