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Traditional Forest Management in Haverh-Khol Village (Kurdistan Province) Iran

Iran 2003

Titre : Traditional Forest Management in Haverh-Khol Village (Kurdistan Province) Iran

Pays : Iran

N° projet  : IRA-G52-2002-018(IRA98G52)

Durée : Start Date : 4/2003 End Date : 3/2007

Résumé du projet
This project aims to compile and introduce the traditional forest management as a method for Sustainable Forest Management and modify it according to national and international goals and forest sustainability criteria. Hence, a kind of "participatory forestry plan " based on the local knowledge will be prepared with the involvement of the local NGO and community. Then it will be legally registered as "Modified Traditional Forest Co-Management System" with the High Council of Forest, Rangeland and Soil. To this end the team will survey and categorize the forest stands, compile the local knowledge on traditional forestry, appraise income generating avenues from the Modified Traditional Forest Co-Management System. Other activities include awareness raising, capacity building and documentation of the project process. Finally, CDs, booklets and videos on the lessons learned will be prepared to disseminate the best practices which will be shared through two workshops in Tehran and the project site.

Grant Amount : US$ 25,000.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 22,700.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 5,000.00

Bénéficiaire  : Association of Young Conservationists (Daumoon)

GEF Small Grants Programme

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