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Bustard (Houbareh) in Darab Fars in Collaboration with Local Community Organizations (Iran)


Titre : Bustard (Houbareh) in Darab Fars in Collaboration with Local Community Organizations (Iran)

Pays : Iran

N° projet  : IRA/SGP/OP5/STAR/BD/11/05(144)

Durée : Start Date : 11/2011 End Date : 9/2012

Houbara Bustards which are found in Konar rangeland in southern Fars Province are under too many threats by local people as well as greedy hunters who make profit by capturing Bustards live to be sold to Gulf Countries where Houbara Bustard hunting is considered to be a luxurious hobby and for their rich meat. Financial problems of the local people and high unemployment rate in the area as well as unfamiliarity with the importance of Bustards seriously put the birds in danger during the past years
During the phase one of the project, grantee succeeded to hold sets of awareness rising workshops on importance of the Houbara Bustard threats, general health issues and the environment. As a result two members of the local community received voluntary Local Watch cards issued by Department of the Environment who patrolled the rangeland in cooperation of Game Guards. In addition a local development fund was set up to introduce alternative livelihoods to the local community to reduce illegal hunting by locals. Despite the fact that supporting livelihood activities, permission to set up a factory to produce dates products was granted by Jihad Agriculture and allocation of $750,000 to dredge and repair the spring and streams for agriculture purposes was approved by authorities, recent drought in the area influenced livestock breeding and palm growing activities.

Résumé du projet
Following and supporting above mentioned achievements, this project aims to promote participatory conservation through : Awareness rising workshops on participatory protection of 20 remaining Houbara Bustards’ habitat has to be renewed ; Voluntary Local Watches cards need to be renewed since they have been expired and also expanded to six members of local community ; Introducing traps, baits and other usual methods of capturing the bird to the Local Watches to enable them to recognize, report and sign the traps ; Reinforce activities of development funds to develop more alternative livelihoods for the local community members to reduce pressure on the Bustard

Grant Amount : US$ 15,000.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 2,500.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 5,000.00


GEF Small Grants Programme

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