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Raising Crops on Saline Soils with Saline Water (Pakistan)


Titre : Raising Crops on Saline Soils with Saline Water (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan

N° projet  : PAK/OP3/06/15

Durée : Start Date : 9/2006 End Date : 8/2007

Résumé du projet
The proposed activity is the combination of raising agriculture on saline land and saline water :
Immediate object of the project is introduce new crops, which will demonstrate the techniques and the other people can copy and replicate. It could increase employment for both men and women, reduce poverty, create a kind of self-respect and independence among the population.
Expected project disciplinary will be the introduction of number of corps which are unknown in the area and their ultimate use for food, fuel, fodder, fibre flowers, essential oils, industrial products etc.
The project will be on small scale, but can easily be replicatable. The NGO would produce bulletin on each crop and give it to stake holders, concerned officials, and local self-government and others interested, including local NGOs.

The activity will start with survey of the land, selection of land by NGO’s social mobilisers, study in details of the soil and ground water or other source of water. According to the ability of soil and water crops will be introduced. Since the task is difficult only 10 plots of one acre each will be selected and suitable plants planted on them. The first phase will take 3 months when land will be prepared, crops planted and then they will be looked for 9 months before handing over to the owners. Owners will give under taking that these are demonstration plots for the period of 5 years and will allow interested parties to replicate it any time during the period. Target beneficiaries in term of socio-economics, and gender shall be both men and women 50:50 basis. The women to do light field operations and men to do heavy operations. The plots have to be saved from grazing domesticated and wild animals for first 2-3 years by the owners.

The indicators of the development shall be success of growth of the various plants and their utility. Thus if the plants show good growth, it shall be called a good success of the Project. Very fact plant growth is in indication that project is successful in highly saline soil and highly saline ground or surface water. It is measurable in terms of growth, certain plants would produce the 1st crop in 1st year, but repetition of the same crop next year will ensure high yield. The NGO would consider the SMART indicators measurable in terms of growth, attainable in terms of good growth reliable in terms of success, time-bound in terms of establishment of plant in first year.

Grant Amount : US$ 49,598.52
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 46,002.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 4,182.00

Bénéficiaire  : Integrated Agriculutre Developers

GEF Small Grants Programme

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