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Community Based Range Land Management in Cholistan (Pakistan)


Titre : Community Based Range Land Management in Cholistan (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan

N° projet  : PAK/SGP/OP4/CORE/08/04

Durée : Start Date : 6/2008 End Date : 5/2009

The land and water resources of Cholistan are facing worst kind of degradation which is largely affecting the natural biodiversity as well as livelihood resources of Cholistan. Wind erosion, encroachment by the moving sand dunes, increasing salinity and sodicity, land degradation due to shifting cultivation systems, lack of groundwater recharge source, deforestation, overgrazing due to lack of rangeland management, removal of vegetation, desertification, overstocking of the livestock due to poor marketing systems are the key problems of Cholistan. This has created a vicious cycle of resource degradation and poverty as the poor people become more indulged in resource degradation once their livelihood options are reduced.

Résumé du projet
The intended project seeks to address the above mentioned environmental problems through the introduction of Community based Rangeland Management. The proposed project seeks to organize the local communities, create awareness among them about the land and water resource degradation in the area and build their skills and capacities to prevent the further degradation of land and groundwater resources through the community based Rangeland Management practices.

Grant Amount : US$ 31,477.50
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 10,254.85

Bénéficiaire  : Khawja Fareed Foundation

GEF Small Grants Programme

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