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Northeast Agricultural University (2008)

Coupling Analyze about Corn Production and Water Resources in West Semiarid Area of Heilongjiang Province

Qi Ying

Titre : Coupling Analyze about Corn Production and Water Resources in West Semiarid Area of Heilongjiang Province

Auteur : Qi Ying

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Northeast Agricultural University

China is the largest developing country, China and the global economic and social stability, the Chinese ability to protect its own stable food production has an important influence. The semiarid area of ??western Heilongjiang province is the country’s major commodity grain and livestock production base, has played an important role in the area of ??food production to ensure food security. Water resources is a limiting factor in agricultural and economic development of the semi-arid areas and an important guarantee for the sustainable development of both Semi-arid areas of agriculture, the sustainable use of water resources, but also to promote eco-economic development of the key factors. Semiarid area of ??western Heilongjiang province is located in the the Daxinganling southeast foot hills and the Nen River Plain transition zone, is in the temperate continental monsoon climate, nine years of spring drought \seriously inhibit the normal growth and development of the crop. With the development of the cause of recent years irrigation, drought in some areas to control grain yields doubled to reach 300kg, according to forecasts, the average yield of irrigated wheat, the average yield of corn the 700kg, soybean yields reached 200kg farmers’ income will grow exponentially. Seen, agricultural irrigation water for the region’s agricultural production and food security is more important position, vigorously improve the level of protection of the irrigation water resources premise and foundation of both to improve the level of food production, but also to promote modern agriculture construction requirements. Therefore, the study of semi-arid areas of western Heilongjiang Province Gannan County water resources development trend evaluation of water resources development and utilization of groundwater carrying capacity, predict trends of irrigation water and arable land resources, research and semi-arid grain yield potential and water-saving agriculture role in safeguarding food production, provide a strong basis for the semi-arid areas of water resources and agricultural production sustainable protection in the area of ??food production is of great significance. This paper, Heilongjiang Province scientific and technological projects, systems analysis study for the the Gannan region water resources development trend and grain yield potential, main contents and results are as follows : (1) the use of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and use of set pair analysis (SPA) The degree of development and utilization of water resources and groundwater carrying capacity analysis and evaluation, the results show that : the degree of development and utilization of surface water resources still belong to the initial stages. The scale of the stage of development of water resources, development and utilization of low degree, the slow development of the economy in water consumption stage, a huge potential for development. Groundwater carrying capacity are Ⅰ level, there is still great potential for the development and utilization. (2) two aspects of the water resources and irrigation water demand in the establishment of agricultural irrigation water security model, combined with the measured data of the Gannan region in 2002, estimated that the level of protection of agricultural irrigation water obtained in Gannan region water resources available from the irrigation The level of protection remains Ⅰ level irrigation water to meet the irrigation needs of agriculture, irrigation of arable land to water security. Predicted by the regression analysis model and the irrigation area in Heilongjiang Province, rate of increase of arable land resources and irrigated area of ??Gannan region in 2010 and 2030, respectively. (3) from the adjustment of agricultural planting structure, industrial structure in rural areas, land resources, water resources, and several other aspects of the food production potential in Gannan. Miami model combined with the logistic curve model prediction method of Gannan potential for grain production forecast to 2010, 2030, the Gannan grain yield potential for 92022t and 347129t. Develop water-saving agriculture is both Gannan an effective way to ease the water crisis is an important way of increasing grain production. Respectively fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and set its water-saving irrigation mode of analysis to evaluate preferred to talk about the potential for food production and water-saving agriculture conditions under line analysis.

Mots clés : Semi-arid areas Gannan County Water resources development and utilization Irrigation water protection degree Grain yield potential

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