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Liaoning Technical University (2009)

Study on Physical and Mechanical of Aeolian Soil Improved

Zhang Rui Yu

Titre : Study on Physical and Mechanical of Aeolian Soil Improved

Auteur : Zhang Rui Yu

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Liaoning Technical University

Aeolian soil is widely distributed in the Fuxin region,and the deviation of physical and mechanical properties is not conducive to construct high-speed railway、highways etc large engineering projects. In the past, Aeolian soil improvement is neglected in the soil research. Fuxin region’s economic transformation is unavoidable to construct foundation engineering in Aeolian soil area. In order to meet the standards and requirement of major projects, the modified method of Aeolian soil that can provide effective test parameters for engineering is very necessary. This paper studies physical and mechanical property of Aeolian soil, and puts forward a variety of Aeolian soil improvement programs, then analyzes the programs. On the basis of physical and mechanical test incorporate a certain amount of fly ash and lime into Aeolian soil to improve the test. Comparative analysis can be drawn through the lime and fly ash improved the engineering properties of soil. Using software to analyzes the weight of improved soil that can get conclusion of the best mixing ratio.This paper provides a more adequate technical data for the construction of the Aeolian soil area high standard engineering, and this research must have reference price for the Aeolian soil improvement. To proment the region’s economic transformation in Fuxin play a supporting role. And using the Midas software to simulate the improved Aeolian soil state properties of practical engineering analysis, verify the conclusions of papers.

Mots clés : Aeolian soil lime-stabilized soil ash-stabilized soil mixture amount mixing ratio

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