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Australian Soils and Landscapes

CSIRO Publishing

Auteurs Neil McKenzie, David Jacquier, Ray Isbell, Katharine Brown

Publisher :CSIRO Publishing
Date :mars 2004
Pages : 480


This unique reference provides readers with a straightforward introduction to the soils and landscapes of Australia. It reveals the great diversity of Australian soils and explains how their properties should guide our use of the land.

An understanding of the evolution of landscapes is of enormous value for mapping and predicting the behaviour of soils under various forms of land use. The book explains how the distinctive systems of Australian soils and landscapes have co-evolved and why particular soils occur at certain locations. It also discusses the many roles that soils play in landscape and ecosystem processes.

An invaluable compendium describes and illustrates over 100 of the more important and widespread soils of Australia and their associated landscapes. There is a brief account of each soil’s environment, usage and qualities as well as information on chemical and physical properties that will help readers make more informed decisions about appropriate land use.

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