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Medicinal plants and flowers propagation project in Aley (Lebanon)


Titre : Medicinal plants and flowers propagation project in Aley (Lebanon)

Pays : Liban

N° projet  : LEB/SGP/OP4/Y1/CORE/08/06

Durée : Start Date : 10/2008 End Date : 10/2011

Résumé du projet
Despite the fact that Lebanon’s climate is suitable for the propagation and production of medicinal plants. Lebanon imports most of these plants from outside. The main reason for farmers not to propagate medicinal plants is their limited knowledge of producing these plants in an economically efficient way. Add to this the limited knowledge in marketing of these products. The project aims at protecting the Agricultural land through the adoption of environmentally friendly cultivation techniques in Agricultural production. The project will train farmers on environmentally friendly agricultural practices in producing medicinal plants and facilitate marketing them.

Farmers training for interested people/farmers ; Plant nursery establishment and equipping ; Decide on the location of the agricultural plots that fit the required standards and specifications ; Land rehabilitation for planting ; Purchase, production, propagation and distribution of seedlings ; Monitoring of the propagation by specialized bodies to make sure they fit the required standards ; Follow up with farmers (capacity building, Listen to their problems and complains and take corrective measures,

Grant Amount : US$ 35,000.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 60,000.00


GEF Small Grants Programme

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