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Luderitz Mushroom Farming (Namibia)


Titre : Luderitz Mushroom Farming (Namibia)

Pays : Namibie

N° projet  : NAM/SGP/OP5/CORE/BD/11/01

Durée : Start Date : 10/2012 End Date : 11/2013

Résumé du projet
Mushroom farming is an environment friendly activity, which utilizes organic wastes emanating from agricultural and agro - industrial activities. The project aims to introduce mushrooms using the ZERI principles, involving recycling of wastes to produce value added products such mushrooms and compost. To achieve that the Project is aiming to train its members to cultivate oyster mushroom, to empower them with entrepreneurial skills and to provide them with technical assistance on how to construct or modify conducive mushroom farming houses using resources that are available locally. The project will be situate at Luderitz on the coastline of the Namibia Desert in the Karas region.

Grant Amount : US$ 45,895.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 16,923.08

Bénéficiaire  : Oukumwe Support Group

GEF Small Grants Programme

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