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Conservation of Birds in Namibia


Titre : Conservation of Birds in Namibia

Pays : Namibie

N° projet  : NAM/SGP/OP4/RAF/07/01

Durée : Start Date : 11/2007 End Date : 11/2009

Résumé du projet
Global significant biodiversity loss is taking place in the project area due to current natural resource (land-use) management and current livelihood practices. In order to address the problem of biodiversity loss, the project will focus on promoting more active participation by local people in the conservation of their avian biodiversity, and obtaining sustainable benefits for people derived from the project, such as conserving their environment through awareness, and improving livelihoods through low-key income generating ventures, e.g. promoting bird based ecotourism, guide training and other SMMEs.
There are two main project objectives (with an overlap between various aspects) : 1. Education/awareness 2. Capacity building/economic development

Grant Amount : US$ 30,340.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 15,846.00

Bénéficiaire  : Namibia Birds Conservation Working Group

GEF Small Grants Programme

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