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The Million Tree Project (Kulun Qi) China


Titre : The Million Tree Project (Kulun Qi) China

Pays : Chine

N° projet  : CPR/SGP/OP5/CORE/LD/11/03

Durée : Start Date : 12/2011 End Date : 12/2012

Main problems :
1. Desertification : due to large demands and poor farming practices by Kulun Qi farmers, soil is being eroded, creating sand dunes, sandstorms, and vulnerability for the village which does not have a windbreak that trees generally provide.
2. Financial disparity : there is high financial disparity in Kulun Qi, as the majority of its inhabitants rely on agriculture for their main income. This means their living situation is highly dependent on the quality and demand for their crops. Due to the ruination of the land/soil and inability to plant more expensive, care-intensive crops, which will yield better results in the long term, many farmers grow cash crops that provide immediate economic return, but which are unstable.
3. The global warming issue : this serious problem has won more and more attention. The scientific proofs are so obvious that no more time should be wasted. Action is needed NOW. Besides reducing our daily carbon footprints, ordinary people should take action on the carbon that has been already released into the air, (i.e. absorb and restore the carbon dioxide). One simple and acceptable approach is needed to spread the message and get people to act now.

Résumé du projet
Project activities/solutions :
1.Tree planting and maintenance of forest
2.Agriculture and environmental education for local Kulun Qi farmers
3.Technical support and evaluation on progress of forest, and research for recommendations ; annual report on trees (survival/maintenance rate) ; team members receive professional training to better run the project
4.Awareness-raising and education for Shanghai citizens to get more companies/schools/individuals involved in spreading the word of low carbon lifestyle and taking real actions, like planting trees, to offset their carbon footprint

Anticipated results/outcomes :
1.Over 200,000 trees (3,000 Mu) planted ; over 100 local people involved in planting ;
2.Local farmer’s income increased about 2000-3000 RMB per family per year through best agro-forestry practice ;
3.Over 80% of survival rate for the newly planted trees ;
4. 30 local students getting involved in tree measurement ;
5.Over 2,000 people get raised in low-carbon awareness ; at least 3 new companies join and 5 old companies stay in the project ; over 300 individual donors ; over 200 people received training and visited Kulun to witness the desertification and plant trees.

Grant Amount : US$ 22,094.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 256,378.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 14,504.00

Bénéficiaires  : Shanghai Roots & Shoots

GEF Small Grants Programme

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