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Universidade Federal do Ceara (2013)

Hydro sedimentological modeling in semiarid meso-basin

Lopes, José Wellington Batista

Titre : Hydrossedimentological modeling in semiarid meso-basin

Modelagem hidrossedimentológica em meso-bacia do semiárido

Auteur : Lopes, José Wellington Batista

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Ceara

Grade : Mestrado em engenharia agrícola 2013

Practical problems related to water resources and the need for resolution of these was what drove the hydrological modeling, since understanding of the hydrological behavior of the basin was needed. So, this research was conducted to assess, through hydrossedimentological modeling, the behavior of a semiarid meso scale watershed as well as its water availability. The study area was the Madalena Representative Basin, Federal State of Ceará, with 124km². Rainfall, accumulated volume and sedimentation in two reservoirs were monitored. The WASA-SED (Model of Water Availability in Semi-Arid Environments Sediment Dynamics with Component) and VYELAS (Volume-Yield Elasticity) models were used in the evaluation. Some conclusions could be obtained from the results : i) Continuous monitoring of hydrological variables in watersheds of the Brazilian semiarid is necessary because the scarcity of data makes it difficult to analyze the performance of hydrological models, ii) Sedimentation measurements in reservoirs is essential for validating of sedimentological routines of model for evaluation of long periods, iii) The soil parameters are determinant in the quality of the results and details of the parameterization significantly improves the performance of the WASA model, iv) The predominance of drought scenario for the next years must affect water supply due to the low volume currently accumulated in the reservoir, v) Water availability of the strategic reservoir of the basin (Marengo reservoir) in extreme years of low rainfall, for 90% reliability yield,is 96% lower than the availability expected for regular years.


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