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Reduction of mountain desertification and conservation of biodiversity (Tajikistan)


Titre : Reduction of mountain desertification and conservation of biodiversity (Tajikistan)

Pays : Tajikistan

N° projet  : TJK/SGP/OP4/Y3/CORE/2010/06

Durée : Start Date : 6/2010 End Date : 5/2011

Résumé du projet
Yangi-Shahr community (Jamoat) of Djirgatol district located in Rasht valley at some 250 km distance away from Dushanbe city. The district is deemed mountainous area and its borders with Kyrgyzstan. The local populations represented by different ethnic groups are mainly engaged with agriculture crops production and animal husbandry. Kashkaterak village located in eastern part of the district where the project activities will be undertaken. The village endows with 100 ha of arable rainfed lands and above 800 ha of pasturelands. In the past, wild brush, shrubbery and medicinal herbs were grown in the target area. Due to inadequate and overuse of natural resources, massive tree cutting by people and cattle overgrazing the existing lands are now badly eroded/ degraded, existing biodiversity is lost, desertification increased which cause high risks for occurrences of severe mud and snow slides, as well as seasonal flashfloods. The majority arable and pastures lands are located on mountain rainfed slopes. As a result of disproportionate use of them, every year the seasonal flashfloods wash fertile layers thereby emerging huge gullies and ravines. The available pasturelands are badly deteriorated by melted snows (outwash) and lost their original capacities. Undertaken actions by local farmers and community residents to protect land from further erosion and degradation are insufficient and ineffective. The project is therefore planned to improve the irrigation of 100 ha arable and 100 ha pasture lands through construction of irrigation system of 3,000 m length, and rehabilitation of bald and eroded lands through plantation of fruitless tree plants, and establishment of new orchard.

Grant Amount : US$ 5,540.00
Co-Financing Cash : US$ 2,445.00
Co-Financing in-Kind : US$ 1,990.00

Bénéficiaires  : NGO - Jamoat Resource Centre ’Yangi-Shahr’


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