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Iowa State University (1972)

Watershed evapotranspiration by the combination method

Saxton Keith Earnest

Titre : Watershed evapotranspiration by the combination method

Auteur : Saxton Keith Earnest

Université de soutenance : Iowa State University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1972

The general objective of this study was to implement a procedure for estimating daily actual évapotranspiration (ET) from agricultural watersheds which have corn and grass crops, loessial soils, and a subhumid climate. Specific objectives were : 1. To study procedures for estimating daily actual ET, and to select a method that has good physical basis and that feasibly can be implemented on research watersheds. 2. To obtain data for necessary calculations and verifications of daily actual ET. 3. To develop procedures and mathematical models for processes related to ET for routine use in hydrologie models. ij-. To verify the procedures and models by comparing computed results with field observations.


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