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King Abdulaziz University (2009)

Dust and Sand storms in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region

Al Bishe, Fairoz Mthkar

Titre : Dust and Sand storms in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region

العواصف الترابية والرملية بمنطقة مكة المكرمة

Auteur : Al Bishe, Fairoz Mthkar

Université de soutenance : King Abdulaziz University

Grade : Master 2009

The present study addressed the phenomenon of dust and sand storms in Makkah al- Mukarramah Administrative Area. The phenomenon, because of its impacts on physical and human aspects, has drawn the attention of researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the last two decades. The data used in the study had been obtained from the Ministry of Water and Electricity, and from the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment conservation, in Saudi Arabia during the period 1978 - 2007. The study used several statistical methods which are common in climate and Meteorological studies. A number of results are reached in the present studies : Winter and Spring witness the most frequent dust storms dvring the year. In these seasons the area is subjected to the prevalence of the Sudan thermal low that accompanied with warm, humid, winds blowing from the south borne with dust storms along the eastern coast of the Red Sea, the western edge of the study area. The thermal low line is characterized by vertical movement that helps to raise up dust and sand to the upper atmosphere over the area. The compared results of the numerical model (NCEP/ETA) on dust storms with the obtained data from the Toms Sensor proved to be successful. In this connection, forecast of dust distribution in the atmosphere is made for two out of the total three cases. The researcher hopes that the current study provided a clear idea about the usefulness of several models and satellite images in forecasting dust storms expected in Saudi Arabia. The study concludes with an appeal to establish new monitoring stations for further control and monitoring of the phenomenon of the dust storms, as well as the establishment of monitoring stations to forecast the suspension of the dust and its concentration in the air. The study recommends to empower the early warning capabilities, in favor of population who are exposed to the dangers of storms, and even by establishing a center for prediction of the recurrence of the dust storm phenomenon. The study recommends also that the concerned authorities adopt and encourage researches in the fields of climate and meteorology aiming to identify the precise characteristics of the patterns and trends of dust and sandstorms ; and to intensify training of manpower in those fields. Finally, the study recommends the improvement of the methods to protect roads, farms and other human activities in the areas exposed to dust and sand storms


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