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University of Alberta (1997)

Farm forestry networking : Farmer group development in Kenya

Parkins, John Russell

Titre : Farm forestry networking : Farmer group development in Kenya

Auteur : Parkins, John Russell

Université de soutenance : University of Alberta (Canada)

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1997

In this study, farmers (n = 100) were interviewed in Mbeere District, Kenya, with the following objectives : (1) to assess the impact of innovation networking on tree planting practices, (2) to build a profile of farmers who are involved in networking, and (3) to explain the mechanisms by which farmers transfer knowledge and materials. Findings reveal that networking activities vary according to : the location in which farmers live, gender, recency of migration, labour resources, and general attitude toward participation. Formal organizations are providing information to farmers while informal organizations are providing materials for farm forestry development. In addition, with the encouragement of intervention agencies who provide an array of external material incentives, farmer groups with tree nursery operations are rapidly increasing. Recommendations to service providers include fostering a more balanced incentives package emphasizing non-material and internal incentives. Linkages are also recommended to increase information sharing between farmers and farmer groups in the same region and across regions.

Mots Clés : Agricultural economics ; Social structure ; Agriculture ; Farmers ; Innovations ; Forestry ; Trees ; Information sharing ; Studies ; Incentives

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