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Karlsruhe, Germany 26th and 30th of November 2007.

Second International AMMA Conference

African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA)

-  Second International AMMA Conference

  • Lieu et date  : Karlsruhe, Germany 26th and 30th of November 2007

- Organisation

African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA) is an international project to improve our knowledge and understanding of the West African monsoon (WAM) and its variability with an emphasis on daily-to-interannual timescales. AMMA is motivated by an interest in fundamental scientific issues and by the societal need for improved prediction of the WAM and its impacts on West African nations.

-  Conference Objectives

The conference aims to bring together researchers from around the world working on the WAM and its impacts, to review ongoing research and modelling activities and to discuss future contributions and directions within the AMMA research programme. It also provides an ideal opportunity for establishing and coordinating collaborations at the international level, and in particular with African scientists.

-  Conference Themes

  • Recognising the societal need to develop strategies that reduce the socioeconomic impacts of the variability of the WAM, AMMA facilitates the multidisciplinary research required to provide improved predictions of the WAM and its impacts.
  • This is achieved and coordinated through international working groups (WG) working on five themes and two crosscutting activities :
    • West African Monsoon and Global Climate including aerosols and chemistry
    • Water Cycle including processes
    • Surface - Atmosphere Feedbacks (land and ocean)
    • Prediction of Climate Impacts
    • High Impact Weather Prediction and Predictability
    • Climate Modelling
    • Long Term Observations to support monitoring and prediction efforts in the West African region (including satellite and debrief of EOP : 2005-2007)

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