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Tehran, Iran 19 - 21 Feb. 2007

Water Management in the Islamic Countries

International Conference

- Water Management in the Islamic Countries

  • Lieu et date : Tehran, Iran 19 - 21 Feb. 2007

- Organisateurs

    • Regional Centre on Urban Water Management - Tehran (RCUWM - Tehran)
    • Islamic Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO)
    • United Nations Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
    • Power and Water University of Technology (PWUT)

- Presentation

  • Islam ascribes the most sacred qualities to water as a sustaining and purifying resource. Water has always gained the highest priority and importance in Islam. The substance of which the Holy Quran emphasizes its centrality : "We made from water every living thing".
  • Today the role of water as a vital and precious substance, as a driving force in socio-economic development and as a key factor in water ecosystem conservation is obvious.
  • While this importance is particularly prominent and tangible in the Islamic countries, which are mainly located in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world and are suffering from intensive water shortage, our water management problems and challenges are not confined to the natural shortage of water resources ; issues such as inappropriate methods of water management along with incremental deterioration of water quality have created additional stress.

- Main Themes of the Conference

    • Main Challenges of water resources management in the Islamic Countries
    • Strategies and priorities on water resources planning and management
    • Institutional arrangement and capacity building in the water sector
    • Water quality management
    • Demand Management and improvement in water use and allocation efficiency
    • Non-conventional water resources
    • Management of mitigation strategies of droughts and floods
    • Groundwater mining
    • Potential cooperation between Islamic Countries in the water sector including trans-boundary issues.

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