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Tunis, Tunisia 21/24 march 2007

Sustainable Water Management

MEDA WATER International Conference

- MEDA WATER International Conference on Sustainable Water Management

  • Lieu et date : Tunis, Tunisia 21/24 march 2007

- Organisateur : Zer0-M Project

- Presentation

Water is considered a natural wealth jare and has to be developed, protected and reused to guaranty sustainability and the satisfaction of all needs of citizens and economic sectors. In the last years of the twentieth century, 3 billion people around the world lacked adequate sanitation and up to 95 per cent of the wastewater was discharged in the environment without treatment. 5,5 billion people will still be without sanitation in 2035. The discharge of untreated wastewater is a waste of resources in two ways : the pollution of environment and the waste of organic resources contained in the wastewater. " A Sustainable Sanitation is a Key to Sustainable Development "This statement represents one of the majors objectives of several water projects developed around the Mediterranean area.

- Objective

  • Conference aims are sustainable water management stimulating the interest of people in water saving, considering treated wastewater as part of the community’s water budget, considering the substances contained in wastewater as resources and adopting approaches that preserve the public health and the environment.In the context of increasing water resources depletion, the conference will focus on water saving, alternative water resources like rainwater harvesting and wastewater reuse after treatment, wastewater treatment technologies suited especially for decentralised sanitation in peri-urban and in rural contexts or tourism facilities located in remote areas.
  • The conference addresses itself to the competent authorities and all actors involved in the specific field by providing new ideas, knowledge and know-how on various technologies, methods and tools for promotion and decision-making. It represents an opportunity to promote these new approaches among Government Agencies and Municipalities. Successful case studies and salient results from ongoing sustainable water projects will be presented and discussed.

- Topics

    • Water systems (water saving, suitable quality versus usage, greywater/blackwater segregation, wastewater treatment, reuse and recycling) for small rural communities, remote tourist facilities, and peri urban areas
    • Household-centred water management
    • Rainwater harvesting for domestic use
    • Industrial water management and cleaner production (segregation, pre-treatment of industrial wastewater and reuse)
    • Integration of wastewater reuse in the overall water resources management
    • Best technologies/systems for sustainable treatment of urban wastewater in the Mediterranean area
    • Risk assessment (human health / environment)
    • Approaches for the assessment and valuation of safe wastewater agricultural reuse / Relevant policies and socioeconomic instruments
    • Guidelines and quality standards for reclaimed water
    • Case studies
    • Demand management

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