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Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 24/25 May 2007

Collaborating in Africa : New Approaches in the Water Sector

International Conference

- International Conference : ’Collaborating in Africa : New Approaches in the Water Sector’

- Lieu et date : Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 24/25 May 2007

- Organisateur

It is being jointly organized by the Institute of the Environment of the University of Ottawa, the Health and Water Africa Foundation, with the collaboration of the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS-ETE), and TéléScience.

- Contexte

During the last three decades, several efforts have been deployed to improve the quality of life of Africans, particularly those below the poverty live. However, still today, about 300 million Africans do not have access to fundamental services like drinking water and sanitation. This situation compromises the socio-economic development of the continent.

- Objectives : The new approaches of collaboration

  • The main objective of this International Conference is to inform and sensitize the national, regional and international institutions working in the water sector, the donors, academia, Ministries, Municipalities, NGOs, and the public and private enterprises about the importance of development and setting out of new approaches of collaboration between all North and South stakeholders.
  • This collaboration approach relates to the development of new knowledge, the setting out of policies and programs of water, as the management of water services, developing and realizing of projects supporting the access to drinking water and the durable use of this resource.
  • The collaboration also relates to improving of the role of women and girls in the management of water in rural, semi-urban and urban area. It will be question to propose new mechanisms and approaches regarding the participative management, management of conflicts, Co-management, financing and capacity building on all levels in the water sector of water, based on exchanges of information, knowledge, North-South and South-South experiences.

- Program

The international conference will offer :

  • Seven workshops with restitution meetings
  • Two midday conferences
  • A roundtable discussion of experts
  • A conference supper with a recognized personality.

- Pour en savoir plus

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