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Dalhousie University (2014)

The Role of Gender in Kuwait’s Architecture

Redha, Ahmad

Titre : The Role of Gender in Kuwait’s Architecture

Auteur : Redha, Ahmad

Université de soutenance : Dalhousie University

Grade  : Master of Architecture 2014

This thesis explores the different methods of gender segregation in both the home and public realm in Kuwait. The main forms of segregation exists both physically, in the form of a wall barrier, and mentally, in the way people are raised in Middle Eastern traditional and cultural norms. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the living patterns in terms of age, clan, and gender and to create a new design method for a home where it incorporates old traditional Middle Eastern home architectural styles. The new design method enhances the living environment, increases access to outdoor spaces, and improves living conditions of the servants living and working in the home.

Mots clés : Urban Housing, Domestic Architecture, Cultural Continuity, Gender Segregation, Muslim House Design


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