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Wageningen University (2009)

Soil physical data and modeling soil moisture flow

Wesseling, J.G.

Titre : Soil physical data and modeling soil moisture flow

Auteur : Wesseling, J.G.

Université de soutenance : Wageningen University

Grade : Doctor 2009

The main objectives of this study were to describe soil physical functions in a mathematically more accurate way, to investigate the soundness of the Staring Series soil physical database, to develop and apply a new 1-D soil moisture flow simulation model and to expand the Staring Series with data on coarse textured soils. It appeared that a cubical splines method using a Mean Distance from Point to Line (MDPL) object function significantly increases fitting results of soil moisture and hydraulic conductivity data compared with other approaches currently in use. A detailed analysis of the well-known Staring Series reveals that samples grouped into a single Staring Series class often show large differences in hydrological behaviour. Furthermore, differences between the Staring Series classes are often not statistically significant, indicating that grouping of samples should be done according to other criteria than texture and organic matter alone. A new 1-D soil moisture flow model has been developed containing several unique features, like the cubical splines method and different irrigation criteria. For a series of coarse sand mixtures soil physical properties were determined and hydrologically evaluated. Small differences in textural composition may lead to large differences in irrigation requirements. Additionally, a software package has been developed to visualize 2-D soil water content changes in time as animated movies. The software package has been tested and used for multiple datasets from the Netherlands.

Mots clés : soil physics / soil water / simulation models / golf courses


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