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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (2013)

Otimização do Uso das Águas da Barragem Santa Cruz-RN

Feitosa, Alex Pinheiro

Titre : Otimização do Uso das Águas da Barragem Santa Cruz-RN

Auteur : Feitosa, Alex Pinheiro

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Grade : Mestrado em Saneamento Ambiental ; Meio Ambiente ; Recursos Hídricos e Hidráulica 2013

The semiarid potiguar presents a quite discrepant. It is a region with one of the highest rates of artificial lake the world, but the policy of building dams to mitigate the problem of water scarcity does not solve, given that they have not demonstrated the ability to ensure supply human priority during periods of great drought and fail to solve the widespread demand existent in the semiarid. This work aims to present the optimal allocation of water, according to multiple uses and limited availability of water resources in the reservoir, from the simulation of the operation of the same, with the application of techniques to support decision making and performance evaluation alternatives for water use. The reservoir of Santa Cruz, the second largest reservoir of RN with storage capacity of approximately 600 million cubic meters, located about 20 km from the town of Apodi in RN, was conceived as a way to promote economic development in the region as well as the water supply of nearby towns. The techniques used are the simulation model of network flow ACQUANET and also the set of performance indicators. The results showed that the container has the capacity to serve up to 3,83m3/s flow required by existing uses, without any compromising the same. However, it was also observed that all anticipated future demands are implemented it will generate failures in meeting some uses

Mots clés : Otimização. Semiárido. Gestão. Indicadores de desempenho ;Optimization. Semiarid. Management. Performance Indicators


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