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Universidad de Buenos Aires (2011)

Análisis de la variabilidad climática en la Patagonia Argentina

Berman, Ana Laura

Titre : Análisis de la variabilidad climática en la Patagonia Argentina

Analysis of climatic variability in Patagonia Argentina

Auteur : Berman, Ana Laura

Université de soutenance : Universidad de Buenos Aires

Grade : Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en el área de Ciencias de la Atmósfera y los Océanos 2011

This Thesis discusses different aspects of the climatic variability in the Patagonia Argentina. The spatial homogeneity of temperature and precipitation and the physical mechanisms able to modulate its variability are analyzed as well as the possible connections between temperature and precipitation of Patagonia with other areas of southern South America. The temperature in different areas of Patagonia has strong covariability in oscillations shorter than 4 years but important disconnections are clearly detected in longer oscillations. The structure of atmospheric circulation associated to an increment (diminution) of temperature in Patagonia is also able to produce cooling (heating) in subtropical areas of South America generating a dipolar structure of temperature with centers over Patagonia and southern Brazil. The precipitation over areas of southern Patagonia is closely connected with the typical dipole of precipitation of subtropical latitudes in South America due to the structure of atmospheric circulation that produce the subtropical dipole also affects the precipitation over the southernmost continent. The physical mechanisms involved in the subpolar-subtropical connections of precipitation and temperature could explain the occurrence of contrasting hydroclimatic conditions in both regions of South America detected during the last 10.000 years.

Mots clés : patagonia ; variabilidad climatica ; temperatura ; precipitacion ; circulacion atmosferica ; temperatura superficial del mar ; relaciones subpolar-subtropical en sudamerica ; laguna potrok aike ; lago cardiel ; patagonia ; climatic variability ; temperature ; precipitation ; atmospheric circulation ; sea surface temperature ; subpolar-subtropical relations in south america ; laguna potrok aike ; lago cardiel


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