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University of Wales, Swansea (1993)

Food security and regional development policies in arid Sudan

Hassan (Alredaisy), S.M.A

Titre : Food security and regional development policies in arid Sudan

Auteur : Hassan (Alredaisy), S.M.A

Université de soutenance : University of Wales, Swansea

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1993

Food is a need for all communities. Food security and development planning is a current issue of investigation in the Third World, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, due to recent famines. In these countries, development planning has been criticized on the grounds of its alienation from the local environments and its failure to achieve food security for the growing population. This thesis investigates the food problem in arid Sudan and examines the situation in the White Nile region as a suitable case study. The investigation of this problem was on indicators, such as food production, food marketing, food consumption, and environmental change to verify the hypothesis that there is a food problem in arid Sudan, similar to that in arid Sub-Saharan Africa, and demonstrates the inappropriate development planning in the Sudan. Investigation makes clear that the food problem is more evident in the rainland areas of the region and gives further evidence of the failure of Sudanese planning in its arid lands. Of the eleven chapters, chapter one is an overview of the food problem in the Sudan and Sub-Saharan Africa, and discusses research methodology. Chapter two reviews Sudanese planning and the research hypotheses, whilst chapter three applies development theory to the Sudanese situation. Chapter four examines the Afro-Asian experience in food production and concludes with lessons for the Sudan to ponder in the White Nile region. Chapter five investigates the development process of the White Nile region and related problems, particularly of food supply. Chapters six to ten are respectively devoted to an investigation of food production, marketing, and consumption in relation to the environment and survival strategies. Chapter eleven includes the main research findings and suggests a solution of the food problem in arid Sudan


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