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University of Wyoming (1972)

Ecology of arid land vegetation in western Wyoming

Garland, Claude Bertram, III

Titre : Ecology of arid land vegetation in western Wyoming

Auteur : Garland, Claude Bertram, III

Université de soutenance : University of Wyoming

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1972

Nineteen livestock exclosures were studied within the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming. Composition and cover comparisons are made with the vegetation of the exclosure and the adjacent grazed area. These are accomplished with the use of permanent transects, which have one square foot plots located along them. The transects are placed inside the outside of the exclosure, and within different vegetation treatments. Non-grazing, sagebrush spraying, seeding and furrowing, seeding and blading, and water-spreading are the treatments used. Comparison of average percent change in vegetative cover per plot was done on a two to six year basis. This helped to show apparent trends for a particular vegetation type.

Mots clés : Ecology, Biological sciences, Range management

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