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University of Sheffield (2000)

Thermal comfort in Iranian courtyard housing

Heidari, Shahin

Titre : Thermal comfort in Iranian courtyard housing

Auteur : Heidari, Shahin

Université de soutenance : University of Sheffield

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2000

This thesis looked at thermal comfort for naturally ventilated housing in Iran with special reference to Ilam. An important aim was to establish the neutral temperature and the acceptable range of environmental conditions for Ilam people in their houses. The methodology used for this aim was field studies. These studies were divided into two parts- one in the hot period and the other in the cool period. The results showed a good relationship between neutral temperature and mean indoor temperature and also between outdoor temperature and neutral temperature. The indoor comfort temperature ( T n ), which is dependent on outdoor temperature ( T om ), could be found by the following equation : T n = 17.3 + 0.36 T om The findings of the study revealed that the Ilam people could achieve comfort at higher air temperatures compared with the recommendations by international standards like ISO 7730. The results also showed that passive systems as a main comfort strategy could be applied to housing design in Ilam. By using the results of this study, strategies to minimise housing energy consumption, not only for Ilam but also for other regions which have similar climates and cultures to Ilam, can be proposed.

Mots clés : Ventilation ; Ilam people ; Design Architecture Buildings Environmental engineering Heat engineering Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery

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