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University of Cambridge (1988)

The irrigation and water supply systems of the City of Vijayanagara

Davison-Jenkins, D.J

Titre : The irrigation and water supply systems of the City of Vijayanagara

Auteur : Davison-Jenkins, D.J

Université de soutenance : University of Cambridge

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1988

This dissertation investigates the management of water at Vijayanagara, a city founded in 1336 A.D. on the Tungabhadra river, about 120 km. west of Bellary in Karnataka, South India. As capital of a successful kingdom, the city flourished, dominating the political and cultural milieu of South India for 229 years. Vijayanagara could not have operated as a capital in the hostile, semi-arid environment of the Deccan without effective water supply systems to provide for the practical and ritual needs of its inhabitants. The development and application of hydraulic technology at the city during the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries A.D. is examined. A discussion of Vijayanagara’s history, historiography, and contemporary non-material evidence provides a social and political framework for the analysis of water supply. The organisation and environmental setting of the capital is explored. A discussion of the operation and layout of the city, including the spatial relationship between water supply features and areas of settlement, is provided. Field data, documented in textual, diagrammatic and photographic form, is integrated with historical, epigraphical and archival data. This multidisciplinary analysis is used, to answer specific research questions relating to the establishment of the design, operation and chronology of these water supply systems. Also explored are the relationships between royal responsibility and water management at the city, as well as the extent to which the city’s success depended on its water supply systems. An appraisal is made of the builders understanding of the basic principles involved. Antecedents and contemporary influences are also discussed.


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