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Eastern Michigan University (1992)

The food production problem in the United Arab Emirates

Al-Saleh, Abdulla Saleh

Titre : The food production problem in the United Arab Emirates

Auteur : Al-Saleh, Abdulla Saleh

Université de soutenance : Eastern Michigan University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1992

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) currently has a local food production problem. The UAE cannot produce enough food for its population and is highly dependent on imported supplies. This problem became clearly apparent after the discovery of oil in 1962 which coincided with a population increase. There are other causes for local food problems besides the population increase, such as an arid climate, no lakes or rivers, groundwater shortage, limited agricultural land, and an economy based on oil and little interest in the food production section. Also, an absence of management, control, and planning of local food production is increasing the risk of these problems in the UAE. This study describes some of the relevant characteristics of the UAE such as location, topography, and climate. Some emphasis is being made on the increase in population which resulted in an increase in food consumption. Chapter III discusses the water resources and irrigation systems in the UAE. Agricultural and seafood production in the UAE is discussed in detail in Chapter IV. Chapter V analyzes the impact of the country’s economy on local food production. The study concludes in chapter VI with recommendations to help improve the local food production industry.

Mots clés  : Geography, Social sciences, Agricultural economics

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