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Soil albedo in relation to soil color, moisture and roughness

Fontes, Adan Fimbres

Titre : Soil albedo in relation to soil color, moisture and roughness

Auteur : Fontes, Adan Fimbres

Université de soutenance : UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1996

Land surface albedo is the ratio of reflected to incident solar radiation. It is a function of several surface parameters including soil color, moisture, roughness and vegetation cover. A better understanding of albedo and how it changes in relation to variations in these parameters is important in order to help improve our ability to model the effects of land surface modifications on climate.
The objectives of this study were 1) To determine empirical relationships between smooth bare soil albedo and soil color, 2) To develop statistical relationships between albedo and ground-based thematic mapper (TM) measurements of spectral reflectances, 3) To determine how increased surface roughness caused by tillage reduces bare soil albedo and 4) To empirically relate albedo with TM data and other physical characteristics of mixed grass/shrubland sites at Walnut Gulch Watershed.
Albedos, colors and spectral reflectances were measured by Eppley pyranometer, Chroma Meter CR-200 and a Spectron SE-590, respectively. Measurements were made on two field soils (Gila and Pima) at the Campus Agricultural Center (CAC), Tucson, AZ. Soil surface roughness was measured by a profile meter developed by the USDA/ARS. Additional measurements were made at the Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC) for statistical model testing.
Albedos of the 15 smooth, bare soils (plus silica sand) were determined by linear regression to be highly correlated (r2=0.93, p>0.01) with color values for both wet and dry soil conditions. Albedos of the same smooth bare soils were also highly correlated (r2 0.86, p>0.01) with spectral reflectances. Testing of the linear regression equations relating albedo to soil color and spectral reflectances using the data from MAC showed a high correlation. A general nonlinear relationship given by y=8.3661n(x)+37.802 r2=0.71 was determined between percent reduction in albedo (y) and surface roughness index (x) for wet and dry Pima and Gila field soils. Measurements of albedo, color and spectral reflectance at the Walnut Gulch Watershed indicated that albedo values were highly correlated with percent rock & gravel, color value and reflectance data (TM bands 1-4).


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