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University of Toronto (1996)

Drought conditioning in two Eucalyptus species

Warren, Susan

Titre : Drought conditioning in two Eucalyptus species

Auteur : Warren, Susan

Université de soutenance : University of Toronto

Grade : M.Sc.F. 1996

The inherent drought tolerance and the responses of seedlings to repeated drought episodes were studied for Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh, and E. grandis W. Hill ex Maiden seedlings. Both species exhibited early stomatal closure and increased root to shoot ratios, which would postpone dehydration. E. camaldulensis, however, was more drought tolerant, maintained turgor to lower xylem pressure potentials and also has higher stomatal conductances during drought. After repeated cycles of drought, stomatal apertures and root to stem ratios increased in both species, suggesting that this treatment could be used to harden seedling. Pressure-volume analysis of drought stressed seedlings revealed no significant adjustment in osmotic potentials or other cell water relation parameters in either species. The synthetic antioxidant Ambiol (2-methyl-4- (dimethylaminomethyl) -5-hydroxybenzimidazole) lowered the bulk modulus of elasticity but did not affect the other physiological or growth parameters.

Mots clés : E. camaldulensis, Biological sciences, Botany, E. grandis

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