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Ecology and Vegetation of Indian Desert

Agrobios (India)

Titre : Ecology and Vegetation of Indian Desert

Auteur (s) : Sen David N.
Publisher  : Agrobios (India)
Date de parution:1999
Pages : 340

Section I. DESERT Environment :Introduction to Section I :1. Characteristics of Arid Zone Climate of India and its bearing on Vegetation/A. Krishnan2. Arid and semi-arid Zones of Indian sub-continent : A Bioclimatic Perspective/V.M. Meher-Homji3. Microbiology of Desert Soil/N. Gajendiran & A. MahadevanSection II. DESERT PLANTS :Introduction of Section II :4. Desert Environment and Vegetation Adaptations/David N. Sen & R.K. Mishra5. Seeds, their Dispersal, Dormancy and Germination in Some Plants of Thar Desert/David N. Sen & R.P. Bansal6. Plant Production under Water Limiting Conditions/A.N. Lahiri7. Grassland Production and Management in Indian Desert/R. Deb RoySection III. DESERT CROPS :Introduction to Section III :8. Desert Horticulture/O.P. Pareek9. Crops and Cropping Systems for Arid and semi-arid Dryland Regions of India/R.P. Singh10. Efficient Conservation of Rainfall and Productive Use of Rain Water in Aridland Agriculture/M.C. Oswal11. Weed Biology and crop-weed Mamagement in Indian Arid Zone/David N. Sen, M.M. Sharma & S. Kumar -


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